"Vision without borders"

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To be the premier asset management company of African origin


To provide world-class asset management services to investors

Core Values:

The T.T.I.I.C

Talent: We believe that one of the ways to create value for clients, especially in an intensely competitive environment, is to identify and retain exceptional individuals. We seek to be the best in what we do, and people with relevant but uncommon skills are drivers of our vision.

Teamwork: Talented individuals are trained to apply their skills in the overall interest of the collective. We help exceptional talent achieve team goals.

Innovation: We believe that the best way to retain client loyalty and achieve our vision, is to continue to develop fresh ideas that create additional value for clients.

Integrity: Our reputation as reliable partners comes from our honest approach to doing business. Our clients expect to be able to trust us in all their business dealings. We ensure that we continue to retain their trust.

Consistency: We want clients to be able to rely on the quality of our output and on our promise of sustainable output. 


Investment Philosophy

Markets continuously exhibit inefficiencies. These imbalances result in mispriced assets. We take advantage of opportunities resulting from these inefficiencies to create value for our clients.


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